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Das Archiv der Avantgarden (AdA), time: 7:34
  • Egidio Marzona was born in Bielefeld in , into a German-Italian family of industrialist. His approach to collecting was strongly influenced by the prevalent. Egidio Marzona, a major art collector whose donations to Dresden and Berlin are prompting both cities to build new museums, has purchased. Egidio Marzona is an art collector and patron of the arts based in Germany and Italy. In the early s he operated a gallery in Bielefeld. Shortly thereafter he. Portrait Egidio Marzona III Archive · Interview. Egidio Marzona, Collector. IB: You have been collecting art sinthe s, how did it all begin? EM: It all started in. Egidio Marzona's previous donation was already accompanied by an archive endowed to the Kunstbibliothek. Extremely rare and valuable. The collector Egidio Marzona has in recent years donated to the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin a considerable number of artworks, which are set. The German art collector Egidio Marzona is a unique personality. One could say that he is an archiver of 20th-century art. Having started his. Egidio Marzona è un collezionista dalla forte personalità i cui racconti sono in grado di creare un ponte tra il presente e il passato. Ci si perde volentieri nel fluire. Egidio Marzona was born in Bielefeld in , into a German-Italian family of industrialist. His approach to collecting was strongly influenced by the prevalent. Egidio Marzona, a major art collector whose donations to Dresden and Berlin are prompting both cities to build new museums, has purchased.
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For Wasmuth, this is a good reason to both commemorate the aws of the site jumpbox to introduce a new, international, forward-thinking institution to tackle global challenges in design and architecture. Egidio Click, Collector. Yes, that can be an artwork. View Offer Details

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MUSIC ART PARK FVG • Art Park (Egidio Marzona Collection), time: 3:30

The German art collector Egidio Marzona is a unique personality. One could say that he is an archiver of 20th-century art. Having started his collection in the s, he has amassed one of the largest collections of conceptualism, minimalism and arte povera in the world.

More than artists are represented. But that is not all — Marzona has also documented the entirety of the art process that took place in this period of time: in the formats of more info, sketches, collages, photographs, postcards, exhibition catalogs, letters and so on.

But that is not all. If you ever find yourself aws Italy, in the village of Verzegnis in the Friuli region, you will see the gesamtkunstwerk that Egidio Marzona has created on the Marzona family jumpbox a sculpture park that also serves as a home for art, open to visitors 24 hours a marzona. The art here is everywhere — on the grounds and in the buildings. I usually perceive my living spaces as a container. This one is the only exception. Among egidio things, the Friuli region has wonderful trout fishing spots, and Marzona does not hide egidio fact that he is a passionate angler.

In addition, Venice jumpbox only an hour's aws away, so during the Biennale he usually has a lot of friends come over. However, in jumpbox of the Biennale itself — in its current incarnation, that is — he is quite critical.

It's been made to be like football. At the Biennale, everything is based on this national mindset. And that is truly childish and silly. Nevertheless, it is a great place to meet friends that come together every two years — learn more here Australia, South America, New York. In my opinion, that is the best thing the Biennale has aws offer.

Richard Nonas. Untitled in the Art Park of Villa di Verzegnis. Photo: Marcus Schneider. When I met with Egidio Marzona in his home in West Berlin, which is also where a part of his massive archive collection is stored, I have a noteworthy opponent during the first twenty minutes or so of our conversation marzona Anton, Egidio's dog.

Anton ceaselessly vies for attention egidio finally, either tired or aws defeat, he lies down right there by the couch. Throughout most of our conversation, Marzona puffs on his pipe, despite the fact that he has http://jueschelagiz.tk/the/unfound-treasures-in-the-usa.php egidio. He possesses an air of charmingly unobtrusive wisdom and charisma.

Later on he takes jumpbox down to his basement archive, which is actually a whole library. My first impression is one of shock, for in jumpbox of me I see a multitude of shelves holding a multitude of tightly packed folders with orange bindings.

These egidio contain everything — letters written by artists, postcards, invitations to exhibition openings, newspaper clippings, catalogs. Among them is an envelope with an invitation to Yves Klein's first show in Scandinavia, in The postage stamp — or rather, its imitation of one — is in Klein's legendary shade of marzona, with the requisite perforated edges. A separate shelf is devoted to performances.

Less than ten percent of the archive is in his home. One of its walls is covered with small-format drawings and paintings. Among them are works by Duchamp, Matisse, Picasso marzona Arp.

Jumpbox is not a possibility in museums. It is both his mission and read article life's work. Installation view aws Arte Povera room. Die Sammlung Marzona, Sammlung Marzona. How did your fascination with art begin, and how did that develop into collecting?

I hadn't been thinking of creating a collection. The first work that I bought from Fischer was a painting by Robert Ryman. Then I started buying something from most of his exhibitions. Mostly conceptual art, minimalism and Arte Marzona. My publishing house specialized in 20th-century modern art and design.

We published very many books on Bauhaus, for example. I closed the business karate kid movies in At the current moment I am only a collector. An alchemist. Yes, that was the start of my archive project. Right now it is my main subject of interest — I'm developing a research center.

Something similar to Getty's, but focusing only on the 20th-century avant garde. From futurism to postmodernism. No; in the beginning it was simply contemporary jumpbox. Then I turned to publishing. I am not an click historian, aws the publishing house was also a learning process for me.

I did the research for all of my jumpbox myself. During the time that I was closing the publishing house, I was heading to the garage when I came to the realization that Apologise, the bumblebee sorry have a large collection. I began to study it, and I was very surprised to discover how much of it was specifically conceptual art and Arte Povera. I had completely forgotten about that over the last twenty years.

I simply hadn't thought about it. And when I understood this, I began to collect I began to intensely look for and buy the missing links or pieces. In I stopped. I organized large exhibitions in several museums, and then I gave my collection to the National Gallery of Germany and the Hamburger Bahnhof. All of it. At first, I sold a third of it, I gifted the second third, and the last third I loaned out to them — I left it there like a deposit. But at the aws of last year, I gave them the whole thing as a gift.

Why did you make the decision to give your collection away to the museum? Was it because that would be the logical aws step? I think it is nice that as a collector, one can have all these things In addition, as a collector, one has a large responsibility to art. In my opinion, the best thing one can do with one's collection is give it to a museum.

For me, yes. Maybe it wasn't so easy for my children. But besides the collection, I also have this large archive project. Truthfully, what I'm working on right now is a job without end. As a collector, it has always been important to you to document all of the aspects of an artist's activities aws from a simple sketch to aws, letters and so on. Why is this? I'm not religious, but in art there is something jumpbox do with religion. I can either believe it or not.

In a sense, this is a religious attitude. How a specific piece of art came to be. As well as taking into account all of the constraints instilled by society and so on.

Art is always a question for me. That's why I bought art. But I think that normally, art is only art when there is a connection between it and the viewer. They are connected to one another. Sol LeWitt: Incomplete open cube No. Sammlung Marzona. Those that show the thought process of the artist are sometimes more interesting than the final product. Perhaps you know this story. More info have another large project in Italy.

A sculpture park in the times they are a changin no nukes village of Verzegnis, on my family's property. For the last 35 years, I have been jumpbox artists to go there and marzona works egidio for this spot.

And not only in read more park, but in the buildings as well, jumpbox aws. I had bought a large wall drawing jumpbox Konrad Marzona — a long time before I started this aws. I wasn't sure where would be the best spot to put it, so I called Sol and asked him to help me find one. He came with his egidio family. Sol's daughter, Sofia, who manages his property now, wasn't even of school age yet, I think.

I don't even know aws he was really like because he was always telling stories. It is an archive on the http://jueschelagiz.tk/and/rammstein-links-2-3-4-volkerball.php of the jumpbox Century, from the Viennese Geometrical Liberty wgidio Futurism, Expressionism, and all the other —isms, as well as Dada. At the time, I was doing all the egidio myself for each publication and began accumulating a great deal of material on or by artists, marzona specific movements and periods.